Residential Art Consulting

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe your home should reveal the interests of your family and friends. We allow you to reflect your utmost priorities.

My pet peeve is an art consultant or designer that comes into your home or space and demands changes that don't fit your vision of a particular lifestyle or ambiance. Purchasing, what they believe is suitable for "YOUR" environment.

There is a need for us to complete the sensitive balance and incorporating your thoughts and visions into the final scenario! We are often invited to review other peoples work because the client realizes too late that they were sold items that they were not comfortable with. We work to accomplish "YOUR" needs.
If this balance occurs, that everyone is happy.

"The first question I ask a homeowner is discuss with me what you dislike?"

We expect the walls to be beautiful, functional or informative, depending on your needs. If you feel that we will be able to assist you with our service. Please feel free to call me 813-671-9450 and let's discuss your personal options.


A typical Art Consultation would include:
(this helps you to identify and determine what your needs would be.)

Objectives and Design

What do you want to accomplish with (or for??) that empty wall?
Recommendations are given on
Theme, Color Palette, Quantity and
Positioning of the Art.


How much should I spend?
We assist you in establishing and staying with your targeted budget. We assist in sharing multiple scenarios enabling you to decide what is the best value for you dollar.

Art Selection Sourcing

What kind of art should I buy?
We research the art world and offer a vast selection of ideas that will enable us to launch a plan that will evolve into
"your perfect space".

Custom Framing

Should I frame my art?
A frame is the natural extension of a piece of art. It enables us to tie the "bigger picture" together. But, there are many other options to choose from. Gallery wraps, different mounts, plexi boxes, envelopes, lamination, embellishing, etc.


Will you hang the art for us?
Our scope of services include delivery, installation and on site design thoughts. Many times a client changes their perspectives at the last moment and they want to discover another avenue.

We can quickly assess your likes and dislikes and recommend great art that will give you the best value for your budget. If your walls are bare, why wait? Call 813-671-9450 to start your journey!

Our Background

For nearly 20 years Ground Zero Designs has been helping companies and individuals select and procure artwork that enrich their lives.

Ground Zero Designs is constantly searching the globe for emerging artists. Our experience helps us to identify emerging talents as well as the tried and true experts in their genre.

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