Art Consulting Services

Ground Zero Designs has been helping Corporate clients and home owners find the perfect art to beautify their offices or home for nearly 20 years. Put our years of art consulting experience to work for you. Call us at 813-671-9450 to recieve your free 30 minute initial consultation.

We can quickly assess your likes and dislikes and recommend great art that will give you the best value for your budget. If your walls are bare, why wait? Call 813-671-9450 to start your journey. Read more >>

Art Broker

Ground Zero Designs is constantly searching the globe for emerging artists. Our experience helps us to identify emerging talents while they are are is still affordable to own. Our contacts are international in scope and because we’re aware of hundreds of artists we can make recommendations that you otherwise might never get the chance to see! Read more >>

Picture Framing

Ground Zero Designs offers a complete picture framing service with expert picture framing, matting, archival quality supplies and a huge range of frames to choose from.

A good frame can make great art even more enjoyable, becoming one with the presentation of a piece until you can't imagine the picture any other way.

Our Euro Canvases come with a choice of available frames. For more information go to our Euro Canvases page.


Wall murals from just one wall to an entire room offer you the chance to really personalize your living space. From space expanding Trompe l'oeil to recreating a scene from your family's historic past wall murals are a beautiful addtion to your home and a great imetus to conversation.

If you're considering a wall mural give us a call today at 813-671-9450, we'd be happy to help you figure out the best approach for what you're trying to accomplish.

Faux Painting

Over the years we have developed quite a stable of talented faux painters, people of giving walls amazingly realistic patterns and finishes that mimic natural materials of all kinds.

These talented artists have amassed an array of tools, techniques and experience that allow them to create stone, marble, wood, foliage and even water right before your eyes.

Call us today at 813-671-9450 if you think that a faux finish is right for you or if you'd like to see examples of faux finish work.

Custom Woodworking

There are times when a confluence of circumstances lead to the choice of wood as the medium in which a piece needs to be rendered. Colors, textures, feels combine in a natural, organic way until artistically wrought wooodworking is the obvious answer.

We would love to work with you and our talented custom woodworkers to find exactly the right complimentary art, rendered in wood. If we can be of service feel free to call us at 813-671-9450.

Gallery Tours (Tampa and New York Art Expo)

I am also now offering art gallery tours. Our area is rich with opportunities for fresh discoveries. Join me as we survey some of my favorite haunts, looking for emerging artists and of course, great deals!

My gallery tours are by appointment only. Call me today at 813-871-9450 to either initiate your own tour or perhaps join a scheduled one and make some great new friends!

If you've got any questions regarding Gallery Tours I can alsobe reached via email at

Research/Archive Photography

There are times when a historical photograph is just the right touch to complete a room, a scenario, or an installation and for this reason we offer archive photography research.

At other times, historic photography can set the tone for the entire job and can quite effectively be juxtaposed with contemporary photographs to show a historical continuity in the case of a long standing company or historic locale.

We use the Burgert Brothers Archive Photography collection and many others in our pursuit of just the right pièce de résistance.

If this sounds appropriate for your situation don't hesitate to call us at 813-671-9450 today and let's see what treasures we can discover for you!

Onsite Art Gallery

What does this term mean? What it means is that since we don't have a physical, gallery location we bring the gallery to you! After our initial discussion about your likes or dislikes we come to your home or place of business prepared with pieces that we think fit your tastes. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop the ability to match art within your tastes, color schemes and locations. Call us today at 813-671-9450 to start the process of beautifying your home or office.

Types of art we handle:

Fine art poster prints
Limited Edition Prints
Giclee Prints on paper or canvas
Original Canvases
Mixed Media
Hand Painted Mirrors

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