Art Brokering

Acquiring and Researching a piece of art whether it be a special artist, an older print or a lost collectible, we will do our best to find it! Your art is of great interest to us. Our goal is to find as many offerings as possible enabling us to sell to you at the best possible price and of the utmost quality for that price.

Ground Zero Designs is constantly searching the globe for emerging artists. Our experience helps us to identify emerging talents. We are specialize in buying from Peter and selling to Paul!

There are many creative people out there that know exactly what they want but aren't sure how to get it. Ground Zero Designs, with over twenty years of experience, will work with you as a broker to bring the art that you desire into the space you desire it.

We will assist you through each stage of brokering, buying, handling, framing (if necessary) and placement.

We provide Personal Consultation to discuss the ramifications of the project, your particular needs, the environment and scale of the project.

We will set up a presentation of your selected artwork and discuss your choices for matting, framing and placement.

We will provide you with background information for each piece and a written appraisal with any authenticity papers.

Finally, we will oversee the delivery and installation so that your experience is one of joy, avoiding some of the common mishaps that inevitably accompany a purchase of this magnitude without the required experience.

If your walls are bare, why wait? Call 813-671-9450 to start your journey!


Euro Canvases

Welcome to a new exciting collection of original oil canvases from
Ground Zero Designs, Inc.

A selection of International artists who participate in this ongoing collection of art for our "Acadamie of Arts".

We invite you to enjoy their works, which consist of creative, cutting edge design-interpretation, as only the youth can inspire.

The best feature is they are priced affordably in a number of standard image sizes:

20X24" FRAMED $165.00
24X36" FRAMED $250.00
36x48” FRAMED $450.00


We have Landscape Euro Canvases

We have Seascape Euro Canvases

We have Floral Euro Canvases

We have Abstract Euro Canvases

We have Mediterannean Euro Canvases

We have Black Art

We also have frame selections for our Euro Canvases:

Brazil Line

These prices don't include delivery, freight and installation.

If you have any questions, contact me at:

Ground Zero Designs, Inc.

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