Sauces, Dips And Marinades


So what should we do with these recipes?

There are no measurements.

                                                   The reasoning behind this is…. “Individuality”


                                        What I like is going to be very different from what you like.

                                    1. Take a little dish.

                                    2. Add ½ tsp. of Dragon Jam

                                    3. Add the other ingredients one at a time.

                                    4 Taste for Yummy Factor.

                                    5. Proceed with amounts to your liking.


                            WRITE it down for next time.             Enjoy!



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Ø  South Carolina Bar BQ

Dragon Jam

Yellow Mustard

Worcestershire Sauce


Ø Russian Dragon

Dragon Jam


Heinz Ketchup

Pickle Relish

Ø  Thai/Vietnamese

Dragon Jam

Fish Sauce
*(Thai Nam Pla or Vietnam Nuoc Mam

Toasted Sesame Seed oil

Light Soy Sauce


Dragon Jam

Bottled Bar BQ Sauce

Ø Oriental

Dragon Jam

Light Soy


Grated Ginger

Black Pepper


Ø Killer Sauce

Dragon Jam

Horse Radish

Ø Tangy Sweet and Sour

Dragon Jam

Balsamic Vinegar

Ø Apricot Sauce

Dragon Jam

Apricot Jam

Soy Sauce

Ø Savory

Dragon Jam

Dijon Mustard












Dragon Jam,

Cream cheese, Queso Blanco, Brie

Crackers or Veggies








Stir Fry Veggies

1.   Clean and cut any type of vegetables.

2.    In a Teflon heavy skillet, add some olive oil to lightly cover  the bottom.

3.   When hot, add 1 clove chopped garlic.

4.   Add the veggies.

5.   Add soy sauce, start with 2 tsps. Depending on how much veggies

6.   Add the Dragon Jam. Start with 1 tsp.

7.   Stir until al dente.

8.   Finish with 1 tsp. of Toasted sesame oil



Fried Tofu

1.   Heat Teflon pan.

2.   Add Coconut or olive oil

3.   Cut the tofu in to ½”x ? strips or chunks.

4.   Mix with enough Dragon Jam to cover.

5.   Add to the pan, cook until brown on both sides.



1.   Wash, clean  and rip the collards.

2.   Break into pieces.

3.   Add 2 tbls. Oil of choice.

4.   Saute 2 sliced shallots.

5.   Add collards, add two tbsps.. Dragon Jam

6.   Cover and cook until tender.


Dragon Sweets and Jack Daniels


       1. Boil  sweet potatoes or Yams, until tender until fork tender

           or canned are great, just drain

       2. Let cool then move into a buttered casserole dish

       3. In a saucepan heat

               ¼ cup Dragon Jam or more to taste

              1/2 stick butter, coconut oil or margarine

              ½ cup Jack Daniels

              1/4 cup water

                       1/4 tsp. salt

       4. Simmer stirring occasionally until sugar dissolved and syrup thickened

              About 5 minutes

       5. Pour over potatoes.

       6. Bake 375 degrees about 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours


       Can be made ahead of time.




Dragon Stew  Coming soon




Meats and Fish,



Let’s Chat,

   Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, and Pork

      My Personal choice for:


Chicken, Skinless and boneless breasts or thighs.


Pork,    Sirloin or for Rotisserie Pork loin


Fish,    Salmon, Steel Head Trout, Grouper, Swai or Basa


Shrimp,  USA, whites from cold water north or Gulf Pinks



Yummy Dragon Ham Steak

       1.  Buy a Smoked Ham Steak, ¾” or thicker (FYI, already cooked)

       2. Soak in a plate of ½ cup milk, for 15 mins, then flip and soak another 15 mins. (or overnight in the refrigerator

       3. Wash off.

       4. Pat dry.

       5. Put on a oven oil sprayed foil Pan.

       6. Spread top and bottom with Dragon Jam

       7. Broil or put on the BarBQ, until browned and well heated.




    1. Ginger Snap Cookies